Friday, July 27, 2012

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As someone who had braces, I know how unwanted accessories feel on my face.  I never elected to have braces.  I was told that I needed them.  They were not, and still are not, fashionable.  I always wished that I could have been one of the lucky ones who didn't need braces.  Instead, I wished for glasses.  Now, I know that is a silly thing to wish for but as a pre-pubescent girl I really didn't know any better.  I just looked around me and saw friends with green and red accessories around their eyes (instead of on their teeth) and I was jealous. I had no idea what needing glasses really meant.  I just knew that I wanted them.

Some time in college, I got my first pair of fake glasses.  I can distinctly remember them.  They were big.  They were dark.  They were, well, ugly.  But they were mine and I wore them with pride.  Well, until an unnamed friend pointed out that I was exploiting his need for glasses.  He had been wearing them since he was a small child and didn't find the humor in my falsies.  I hadn't thought of it like that and from then on, felt guilty every time I thought about adding my glasses to accessorize my outfit.

Then, within the past few years, something happened.  I started to notice that I was squinting while driving, trying to read signs.  Or while watching television.  My vision, which had always been perfect, was not so anymore. I slowly started to realize that I may, in fact, need glasses.  And although my pre-pubescent self would have been happy to finally have my dream come true, my adult, much wiser self, was not so psyched. I really understood what it meant.

I have entered the world of a true glasses wearer.  I don't wear them all of the time, even though I should.  I am constantly looking at new ones, thinking that if I am supposed to wear them, I should have a few pairs to work with.  I am embracing my new found need and like any good shopper, am always looking for the best deal out there.

So, when I am looking for new glasses, where do I look?  There are many options but unfortunately most come with a hefty price tag.  One site that I have found that has a wide variety of both prescription and sunglasses alike is  They have some beautiful, affordable brand name glasses like these and these and I wouldn't mind getting my hands on these!  If you are (un)fortunate enough to not to need glasses, there are plenty of sunglass options too, including these Miu Miu sunglasses and these Bvlgari sunglasses.  With over 150 designer brands to choose from and a great return policy, ordering online is easy and convenient.  The best part about this site for me though is their commitment to helping others.  I am always interested in companies that give back to those in need.  With their Buy One Give One program, is a wonderful choice for all of your eyewear needs.

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