Friday, June 22, 2012


This is what I wore into Boston on Wednesday night to help out with the Swapaholics Dress Swap.  Amy had tweeted that they needed a few helpers at the event and since I had recently finished up with school, I volunteered. It was seriously 100 degrees when we got into the city and I realized that maybe long sleeves wasn't the best idea, but I had recently gotten this shirt from Jen and loved the way it went with these I went for it.  I bought these shorts on a whim from F21 one delusional day.  I hate shorts and especially short shorts.  But they were so pretty and they were inexpensive so I got them.  They hung in my closet for quite some time.  I knew it would take a lot for me to wear them.  The perfect top.  The perfect shoes.  The perfect event.  When all three things lined up, I knew it was now or never.  I've also been really wanting a perm lately (I know, I know, I won't really do it; I had enough bad experiences in middle school to know better) so with the present humidity levels, I decided to try and curl my hair since straightening it was out of the question.  I love how it came out!  It is super easy and will definitely be my new go-to hair style.  So I guess I will add the perfect hair day to my list above.  This turned out to be probably my favorite outfit to date.

One of the best parts about Wednesday night was car pooling with this lady...We have been following each other for a while now, through blogging, instagramming, tweeting, etc but had yet to really meet (technically we met years ago at StART but we're not counting that!).  We were both helping out and decided to ride into the city together.  It was a blast.  She is awesome.  And super talented so be sure to check out her blog if you haven't already!  I also met this darling lady who is also very sweet and has a wonderful blog to check out.

shirt- from jen
shorts- F21
bag- vintage (my mom's)
shoes- Bait Footwear


  1. I'm so glad we finally met! (again) and your outfit was adorable...and the dress fit perfect...and your awesome!

  2. I am so with you on this one ... you look just stunning!! Your hair is really great like that! You look like you are losing weight??? Not to say anything about your weight before but you are looking really great! please only take this as a compliment!!
    check out my giveaway if you want over on my blog if you want

  3. @jessica ha ha! yes, i have lost some weight and no, i don't take that the wrong way:) i actually am down to the smallest i have been in a really long time. mostly just trying to eat well. i did just start back at the gym this week so hopefully i will have some more energy. thanks for your kind comment!

  4. this outfit rules! hope your summer is off to a great start! <3

  5. Why do you hate wearing shorts? You look phenomenal! It gives you and your waist an amazingly perfect shape!Please wear more!


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