Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Same shirt, different day

I have been living in this shirt, and one that is quite similar, minus some sleeves.  I have had both for awhile now but haven't worn either of them until this past week.  I have been loving the tied shirt look for some time now but hadn't really had much luck with it.  Every time I tried to put a look together around a tied it, I just looked silly.  Either my pant line was too low exposing my stomach or the shirt itself didn't fit well and created a really forced look.  Over my school break, I played around a little with some different things in my closet and I hit the gold mine:  I started putting the shirts over my dresses and voila, problem solved.  So many of my dresses aren't really work appropriate (spaghetti straps mostly) and by putting a button down over it, I can wear all of them now.  I have a fair number of button downs so expect to see this look again (and again, and again).

button down- ? (it's been that long)
dress- Kohl's
shoes- Berk's

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