Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ireland with the Browns

There is a spot in Max's baby book called My First Trip.  I so wanted to be able to fill in the blank with Ireland.  We started talking about taking this trip sometime after he was born.  Originally we wanted to go in April but that came and went and we realized shortly there after that if we didn't just book the trip, that the summer would come and go and Max would be over a year old before he got to meet his Irish family.

So here we are, one month to the day from when we left, and I am at a loss for words to describe what this trip meant to me, what it meant for my little family.  These pictures are just a glimpse into the week that we got to spend with these amazing people that Max and I get to call our family.  Thank you all so much for giving Max the best possible My First Trip that there ever could be.

hanging around the house

Kilmore Quay

Hook Lighthouse

Driving around County Wexford

Johnstown Castle

Ballycross Apple Farm


  1. omg your son looks just like you :)


  2. What an incredible journey.

    Love from Oregon USA,


    pink and blue

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  3. I love the baseball hat, really cool. Thanks for posting and great photos, you are a natural photographer....

  4. I love Ireland, and your family looks amazin.

    With this pictures he is going to have a good memories from his first trip.


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