Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Doing it all

It's been a little quiet over here, I know.  I've been struggling lately with the concept of doing it all.  Each and every day, I ask myself how do people do everything that needs to get done in the span of just 24 hours?  Between caring for my new family, working full time, cooking, cleaning, getting to the gym, having fun and sleeping, I am finding it very hard.

When I start to feel overwhelmed with it all, it is usually because I find myself comparing myself to my mom when I was growing up.  She always had a clean house.  Home cooked meals.  A good amount of fun.  But then I need to stop and remind myself that while my brothers and I were little, she didn't work.  We were her full time job.  

And although I started this blog as a style blog, outfit pictures are not that important to me right now.  I will get back to them, when the time is right.  It might be tomorrow.  It might be a few weeks, months, who knows.  Right now, I need to focus on the important things.  The fact that I am a wonderful mother to an even more wonderful little boy.  That I have 56 students every day who depend on me and are learning from me.  That my husband and I get to spend time together, enjoying each others' company and making plans for our family.  That I have been cooking up a storm and hitting the gym, running an average of 6 miles a week.  My house may be a mess and I might be exhausted but for now, I am doing all that I can.

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