Thursday, August 11, 2011

The weekender

One of my best friends from college came to stay with me at the beginning of the week and we decided to head into Providence, RI, which can be a very fun city to go shopping in.  They have some good stores and it is not super expensive.  I hadn't been in an Urban Outfitters in quite some time and I generally shy away from there simply because I find many of their items to be overpriced.  Five minutes into looking around, however, I spotted this bag.  I. had. to. have. it.  No questions asked.  It wasn't terribly expensive and I knew that it would be the perfect carry-on bag for our trip.  So here it is, with a tunic that I also picked up there off of the clearance rack.  I think that this may be another example of a dress that just isn't a dress on me.  With a pair of leggings, however, even the shortest dress can be made somewhat modest.  But who cares?  Everyone is just going to be looking at the bag anyways...

I couldn't resist the green manicure for Ireland...

Damien got me this wooden polaroid necklace a few years ago...


  1. I seem to have the same problem with a lot of my dresses being just a bit too short ... and I am to stubborn to wear tights in the summer ... scandalous I am ... heheh i love the dress!

  2. Love the bag and the tunic/dress. Although I'm 5'1" and rarely have an issue of things being too short on me I love to put leggings under a dress, then I feel like I can sit however I want and still be modest.

  3. I live in Providence! YAY! I know exactly where you took those photos too ;) so so thrilled to have stumbled on your blog! You're perfectly styled and I can't get enough of that did have to have it!

    If you're around in September, I'm co-hosting a weekend full of events in Boston and I'd love to see you there :) check out our rendez-vous: new england and see if you can fit one or all of the get togethers in your schedule! Hope you can make it!

    Have a happy weekend! xoxo {av}


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