Saturday, July 2, 2011

You do it to yourself

(Just happen to be listening to Radiohead)...

I have always enjoyed the fact that I am tall.  Always unless I have bought a new dress (or tried to wear an old dress) that is just too darn short on me and I am reminded of the fact that unless I plan on wearing leggings or tights with it, I simply cannot wear it.  Enter red skirt.  Yesterday I wore this skirt with this dress and today it reappeared with this dress that I absolutely love but can't get away with barelegged.  I had to add a belt because the skirt sits lower than the waist of the dress and the denim kept poking through.  I think it looks a little bulky but overall, I like the outcome.  Damien and I had some fun taking pictures today after attending a friend's daughter's 1st birthday.  Max was pretty bored by it all and fell asleep in the middle of it... It's tough being 10 months old, you know.

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