Monday, July 4, 2011

Max's style 07.04.11 and 10 months old

Ten. months. old.

It really seems as if everyday, Max is learning something new.  He is now crawling...backwards.  It's the cutest thing to see him get into the position and rock back and forth, willing himself or whatever it is that he is going for, closer.  Sometimes he just changes his mind and goes right back to his seated position.  Other times he's off, in reverse.  He is usually smiling as no matter what the outcome though. He has been really talking up a storm.  It looks and sounds like really bad Japanese movie dubbing in which his mouth is moving in one way, at one speed but the sounds coming out are from another way, at another speed.  He does a good job at keeping himself entertained and just loves being around other kids, especially any one of his many girlfriends.  This is such a wonderful age!

Today we celebrated the 4th at our friend's parents' lake and Max had his first boat ride.  He was so great on the boat.  He fell asleep and missed going in the water but he played on the boat and then pretty much relaxed the rest of the time.  I have many pictures to sort through from the day; I'll be posting them soon.

Here are the photos from this morning's photo shoot.  I've been meaning to get some good pictures of him in his g-diapers, mainly because they and he are so darn cute.  I seriously smile every time I look at these pictures... And if you haven't checked out the remakes of the old Fisher Price toys, you have to do so!  They are wonderful.  He has the record player, the radio and the clock.  I'm thinking the piano will be a perfect 1st birthday present.

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