Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why, yes, that is a piece of tofurky stuck to my face

We've been trying to give Max a wide variety of food lately.  He loves hummus, avocado, and hasn't minded the chunks of tofu that I have been adding to his dinnertime meals.  I thought for sure he would balk at the red lentil-veggie-tofu-hummus concoction that I whipped up for him but he ate it like a champ.  So tonight, we started some tofurky.  I certainly don't want to rely on prepackaged food but most kids end up having deli meat and I don't want Max to feel left out when all of his friends pull their turkey sandwiches out of their lunch bags.  Once in awhile, I think a nice piece of (fake) meat is a good dinner choice.   Max actually liked it, so much so that he is saving a piece for later...

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