Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hot hot heat

It has been ridiculously hot here the past few days.  When it's this hot out, all I want to wear is the lightest dress that I can possibly find.  This one is perfect!  I love the colors in it and the style is perfect for my (mom) body.  I always seem to rely on Damien's hat no matter how many I have in my closet (I have a lot).  I am in the process of trying to clean out my closet and get rid of so many things that I never wear.  I have a really hard time doing that for some reason.  I will put a shirt in the "going" pile and then I'll think about it, imagine a scenario in which I might at some point in my life want to wear it again, and then take it out of the pile.  Inevitably in ends up sitting back in my closet until I start the whole process over again.  What are all of your secrets to cleaning out your closet?  I know some people have a 1 in/ 1 out policy but that never seems to work for me.  Any tips?

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  1. I've been trying to get to a place where I only have clothes that I love. Besides stuff for sleeping, exercising and cleaning/painting, I've been getting rid of any piece I'm not excited about it. You're definitely more creative than me, but you have enough great stuff that you don't need to keep around things that you may be able to jazz up in some way. Just keep the things that make you feel great every time you put them on :) And don't forget, I'll be there to help in August!


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