Monday, May 30, 2011

Max's style 05.30.11

And then one day you wake up and your baby has turned into a little boy!

At least that is how I am feeling lately.  And he really is just the sweetest little boy.  I have never seen a baby smile so much.  The other night, he actually fell asleep laughing and then woke up laughing the next morning.  Most of the time, we can't even figure what it is he is laughing about.  I think he just likes the way it sounds and feels.  I love the way it sounds.

He sits up so well and is starting to show interest in crawling.  He hasn't yet but I know it is coming soon.  Still no teeth, though.  And oddly enough, he seems to be passed all of the signs of teething.  We joke that we are going to have to get him baby dentures!

He is so talkative lately.  He will go on and on and on and he even gets really excited and will start shouting and squealing.  I would love to know what it is he is saying.

We have been trying to teach him how to clap.  A good friend of ours had shown us the classic Sesame Street clapping song which they played for their little girl to teach her how to clap.  So once a day, I put the video on for Max and he loves to watch all of the little Muppets singing and clapping away.  It's the only 3 minutes of TV he gets a day and I think he really looks forward to it.  

Max will be 9 months old on Saturday.  What a big boy!

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