Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ditsy daisies and some old boots

And then it was May.

I actually wore a variation of this yesterday to a baby shower.  Just a different cardigan.  I love how the lime green contrasts with the blue in the dress.  And I love this dress.  My only issue with it (and I have this issue with many of my dresses) is that at 5'10", it is just a tad too short for my liking.  I can't wear this to work as I would like to; I'd have to add leggings or something underneath.  But it does make for the perfect spring/summer dress.  It is surprisingly comfy and it makes me feel really girly.

I have been wearing the hell out of these boots.  Maybe because they are old and worn and seem to go with everything.  Maybe because I know that the hot weather is fast approaching and that I will no longer be able to wear them on a daily basis.  Or maybe because every time I do wear them, I get to feel like my mom did back so many years ago when she wore the hell out of them.

cardigan- Target (clearance)
dress- F21
tights- Walmart
boots- my mom's
aviators- F21

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  1. Love love everything about this outfit. That dress is beautiful!


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