Monday, April 25, 2011

Here comes the sun

Is anyone else guilty of buying things in more than one color?  I sure am.  Especially when the things are cardigans and they are 75% off at Target.  Yup, I got these 2 cardigans for a whopping $4.74 each.  I may have also picked up slightly different versions of these in a few other colors as well.  But as we head into the warmer weather, I can't think of a better investment than 3/4 length sleeve, colorful cardigans in a multitude of colors.  And by investment, I mean $20 or so bucks.  So I guess I don't mind being guilty.

I am going to try and do my daily pictures a little more daily if I can fit it in.  I am done with the point and shoot camera and won't settle for anything (or anyone) less than Damien doing my pictures.  So there certainly are some logistics involved.  We'll see how long this last but 2 days in a row is pretty good for me.  

cardigan- Target clearance
denim dress- Target
brown belt- F21
oxfords- Berk's in Providence

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  1. That is seriously the best cardigan ever. And for under $5!! What a steal. I Also love the dress.


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