Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Max's style 12.28.10

It's been a bit since I've been able to do Max's pictures.  I blame going back to work but it's a combination of things.  I have so many photos ready to go for his weekly update and will be posting them soon but today we had some time for another formal photoshoot.  Damien was home and made a surprise guest appearance.  Max got a ton of cool clothes for Christmas so hopefully I'll be able to photograph many of them before they get too small.  Here is one of our new favorite outfits.

hat- gift from grammy
moto sweatshirt- gap
black/grey striped pants- gap
vans socks- Marshalls


  1. hi sarah, l miss you guys alot cant wait to see you and get some snuggles from max, the photos are awesome.
    love you all see you soon

  2. cuter every time i see him!
    i love the pic where damien is touching his nose! toooo cute.
    and as if you're already back to work! I wouldn't be able to leave the adorableness behind!


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