Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Max's style 11.16.10

Did you know that the brontosaurus never actually existed?  You know, the big, friendly, vegetarian one. Turns out they put the wrong head on the wrong body.  I can say I was a little crushed when I learned that a few years ago.  Apparently though, it has not stopped companies from using its image on all sorts of things, like Max's union suit.  Am I just setting him up to be crushed one day when he finds out that he too was duped?  Oh well, I couldn't resist.  It it such a cute outfit and they don't make it with the t-rex or terradactyl.  So here are Max's style shots for this week.  I will be back later on with his 9th and 10th week pictures and hopefully my newest 30 for 30 look.

pumpkin hat- handmade by my aunt
brontosaurus union suit- Dwell Studio for Target
striped socks- gift from my brother's girlfriend (thanks Liz)
rattle- gift from friend (thanks Hil!)

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  1. great shots of a handsome little bugger, sarah :) but the animal depicted on his cute as **** sweater is quite clearly a diplodocus, not a brontosauraus (honest mistake to make), so your future honest-and-good-mother self can rest easy :)


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