Sunday, November 21, 2010

Max's ninth, tenth and eleventh weeks

Wow.  It has been 3 weeks since I posted pictures documenting Max's whereabouts and adventures.  I feel like so much has happened, which sort of makes sense since 3 weeks is almost one third of his life.  It would be like documenting the past 10 years of mine.

As of now, Max has been to every New England state.  New Hampshire is a bit of a stretch since it was more of just a drive through but he has been there nonetheless.  One of the most important things to Damien and I when we found out we were expecting a baby was to not let it stop us from living our lives.  That said, we know we have to be smart about what we expose him to but we are and we really believe that traveling is such an important thing to do in life.  Plus, we enjoy it so much.  We are already making plans for our first trip as a family to Ireland.  We plan to go during my April vacation and our very good friends are coming with us with their little baby boy.  It is still in the beginning stages but we will make it happen.

Max has become quite the little baby boy over these past 3 weeks.  He has been smiling up a storm and I have even caught him laughing on video camera!  There is nothing better than seeing him break into a smile.  He is generally his happiest in the morning, when we first get up and ready for the day and at night, right before we put him to bed.  He is now in his crib, in his own room, but our rooms are connected by a bathroom, so it is really as if he is just around the corner.  He is sleeping much better and even went for 7 hours last night without waking up!  Me, not so much.

He has found his thumb and started to attempt to suck on it but he hasn't gotten the full thumb in his mouth.  He just kind of sucks and licks the outside of his hand but he is determined.

This weekend, I have to say, Max was a bit of a showoff.  Now, he is a good baby.  But he turned into super baby and has everyone out there believing that he doesn't cry.  He does, believe me.  Friday night, we took him to his first lecture.  There was a National Geographic photographer that is from our town speaking so we went as a family.  Damien went early for a meet and greet session (that made his day!) and then Max, my mom and I met him there for the lecture.  The whole event took close to 2 hours and Max didn't even make a peep.  I had him in the Baby Bjorn and he slept, woke up, looked at some of the photographs on the screen, and slept some more.  He was so good.  We even got a autographed book for him.  Today was one of my best friend's baby showers and once again, super baby showed up with me (Mighty Max, anyone?).  We were there for 3 hours and he was passed around, from stranger to stranger, again without a peep.  Then we ate and watched as she opened gifts and he just slept on my chest.  Not a peep.  Then he ate, was changed and then on the road.  Not a peep.  What a showoff!  He did make me one proud momma though.

We have finally started him on his gdiapers and so far, so good.  We waited a bit to start them since he was so small.  We actually did start him on the newborn size ones but he peed out of them a lot so we went back to 7th Generation.  I like that with the gdipaers we have the option of cloth or disposable inserts.  And the disposable ones decompose in 2 months.  Did you know that it takes 500 years for a regular disposable diaper to decompose?  I do plan on having him in the cloth inserts as much as possible but it is nice to have the option.  We also have 2 Bum Genius diapers which we will be using as well.

One thing that I was told over and over again was that I would end up loving breast feeding.  I don't know if I can say love, but I just might get there.  I am really enjoying it now and feel like we are in the groove.  I am a little sad that I am going back to work in a week (I am more than a little sad but I am trying to stay positive) so I will have to rely a lot more on pumping but I want to stick with nursing him so I will do what I have to do.

So here are some photos from the past 3 weeks.  I plan on doing a Max's Style photo session tomorrow with a very special outfit choice.  Here's a hint... think Strawberry Fields Forever.

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