Thursday, November 4, 2010

The bangs!

I finally cut bangs.  I had been wanting to do so for quite some time now.  They are a little on the long side so I have to decide if I just want to try and style them off to the side or cut them a little shorter and just let them fall naturally.  For now, I am using this headband that was a free gift from Modcloth when I bought my new dresses.  I know it makes me look kind of flower-childish, but I still like it and it keeps my hair in place.

This is another new dress from Ruche.  This was actually the dress I was least excited about (I wasn't sure how it would look on me) and it turns out, I think I like it the best.  The silk top is very feminine and flattering and the denim bottom gives it more of a casual look.  I went with dark purple tights and my grey booties to finish the look.  Since it is chilly out, I wore my grey moto jacket and purple scarf.  All in all, I like this look and it is super comfy.  Perfect for a day with no set plans but plenty that I could be doing.  Hope you enjoy this rainy day.

pink headband- free gift from Modcloth
purple scarf- gifted from a friend
freshia floral chambray dress- Ruche $34.99
grey moto jacket- Marshalls $30
purple tights- Walmart $5
grey booties- Marshalls- $20


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