Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tucked in

One thing that I have missed most while being pregnant is being able to tuck anything in.  Well, not my entire pregnancy, but certainly the last few months when I have really had a belly.  It is not a possibility with maternity pants/shorts, at least the ones that I own, due to that fabric built in belly band.  And with anything of mine that is non-maternity, it tends to be too tight and stretched out looking to tuck anything in.  So yesterday while I was out exchanging some of my shower gifts, I found this pair of shorts at Target for $3 on clearance and I bought them a few sizes bigger than normal and voila, I was able to tuck my shirt in today.  It helps that this shirt is on the longer side, a trend that I am loving right now.  I paired this outfit with a belt that was my mom's from the 70s and I am pleased with how the whole look came together.  I felt like wearing my glasses today, which I haven't been doing and really should be.  It was the perfect hot, summer's day outfit, for doing errands (like putting my thank you cards in the mail, go me!)

pastel plaid shirt- F21 $15
shorts- Target $3
belt- my mom's
sandals- Payless $10


  1. I LOVE this look on you. I think you look fantastic!

  2. You look beautiful! I just saved a similar blouse like that, it´s a great way to wor eit! xoxo


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