Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birthing class, baby shower and breast feeding class, oh my!

Well, this was one baby filled weekend.  I know that in about 6 weeks, every weekend will be baby filled so this was good practice, and a blast.  Saturday we had our birthing class.  We decided to do a one day class, and I am glad that we did.  We got a lot of information and were able to process it all at once.  I am planning on doing a natural birth, so we learned about that and also about the option for the epidural.  We had a tour of the hospital, learned about inductions and c-sections, among many other things.  We had 2 great instructors and we walked out of there feeling a lot more educated on what our options are.  It was nice to keep hearing that everything is our choice.  Nothing is assumed.  We had questions about circumcisions, which we are not going to do, as well as rooming with the baby during our stay at the hospital, which we do plan on doing.  I must say, it was funny to hear many of the other women, as it is pretty obvious that they have been watching all of the TLC shows on babies and I have never even seen one of them.  But I am not worried; I know I can do this.

Sunday was our baby shower.  It was perfect.  We had it at the same place we got married, which happens to be named Maxwell Silverman's Toolhouse (and no, that is not why we chose the name Max!).  It is an old tool factory and has the best decor.  I did most of the planning with Damien and my mom and it ended up being exactly what I wanted.  No baby games, just an afternoon of good food and family and friends.  We did neat little gift bags with old-fashioned whirly pops and gumballs for favors and used our vintage tin toys as our centerpieces, which were also a part of our wedding.  And of course, we had our pram there and a nice framed picture of one of our Mad Men maternity shoot photos (that post will be up soon!!!)  We also asked everyone to write down a song or two to include on Max's playlist, which we are still putting together.  We got some good suggestions!  Damien was there for most of it, taking photos and just mingling with friends and family.  I was so happy to have him there and to have him be a part of it.  Max is already so loved; I can't wait for him to be here.

Yesterday was our breast feeding class.  That was a great class.  We really learned so much and I walked away wondering why anyone would choose not to breast feed.  I understand if there are complications and it is not possible, but to make that choice and not even try it is a mystery to me.  I know everyone has their reasons, but for us, it is not even a question.  We learned so many benefits and also great techniques.  I know it can be inconvenient at times, especially since I will be returning to work after 12 weeks, but I fully plan on giving it my best and doing it for as long as I can (my goal is 1 year; we'll see!)

All in all, it was an exciting 3 days and brings us even closer to the day we get to meet baby Max...

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