Friday, July 16, 2010


I found this top the other day at Target and I couldn't pass it up.  First of all, it is a long tank and it is rather light so it's perfect for a 6 1/2 month pregnant lady in the dead of summer.  Secondly, the zebras on it are so adorable.  I love that they form a heart with their profiles.  I wore it with jeans the other night for dinner plans with friends and then I wore it with a pencil skirt today for breakfast plans with some more friends.  I ended up changing later on in the day today, hence 2 posts, because I was so hot and the pencil skirt was getting a little restricting around my belly.  Max has been moving like crazy lately and I think he was trying to tell me to put something a little more comfortable on this afternoon!

zebra top- Target $12
maternity jean capris- Gap $20 (sale)
black sandals- Burlington Coat $12
white sandals- Cynthia Vincent for Target $17 (sale)
black pencil skirt- Wet Seal $16

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