Sunday, May 2, 2010

I've got babies on my mind

uppa baby stroller

modmama highchair

modmama highchair

Ikea gulliver crib

It's been awhile. Things are going great, but hectic and busy. I haven't been able to get in any outfit shots because I have been too busy after school and I can't get myself motivated in the morning to snap a pic before I leave for work so I've taken a bit of time off. But I have been doing a lot of thinking, mostly about our baby, and my excitement grows more and more each day. We are finding out on Tuesday what we are having and I can hardly wait. We have been considering names again. We thought we had narrowed down our girl's name to just Lucy, but our original favorite, Mary Jane, keeps making its way into our thoughts. So I think we are going to keep both on our list. As far as boy's names go, I think we have finally settled on Max. Although we really like the name Simon, I just can't imagine it for our son. Max, on the other hand, seems custom made for and by us.

I have been giving considerable thought to the whole diaper issue and I think I have found something that I am not only comfortable with, but actually excited about. gdiapers seem to be a great alternative to disposable diapers and are so absolutely adorable. They come with 2 options, a biodegradable insert option or a cloth insert option. You can use both in the little gpants so we don't have to make a commitment to one or the other. The biodegradable ones can be composted, flushed or thrown in the trash and will naturally decompose in a relatively short period of time (unlike most disposable ones which, if made of plastic, take up to 500 years to breakdown). I have been reading a lot about this great product and am very excited to try them out!

We have also been keeping an eye out for an old-fashioned pram, which we would both absolutely love. I have yet to find anything that we can afford that is actually vintage but a friend just got a Vista uppa baby stroller, which seems just about as high tech as you can get but retains some of that old-fashionedness of the great old prams.

And of course the nursery. We have been really holding off on trying to pick much out until we know the sex of the baby. Even though I am sure much of what we get will be gender neutral, I want to wait until we know before we make any decisions. But believe me, I have been looking.
I think we are going to get our crib from Ikea but haven't found the exact one yet. I love the natural wood style and it would go with our other furniture so we most likely will go with something like the gulliver crib. The rest we will just wait and see what we find out on Tuesday...

I also found this great website for a store called modmama and have already fallen in love with their things. I really wish we could afford their highchairs but we may have to forgo this expense.

So that is pretty much what I have been up to lately, besides teaching, advising, working on my next step in my teaching licensure, filling in as the boy's part-time tennis coach, hanging out with my wonderful husband and kitties and anxiously awaiting our basement to be done. What have you all been up to?


  1. Love Lucy and Mary Jane!And Max a Simon...are all great options!!! Hope everything is OK!!xoxo

  2. I'm glad you have found an alternative to regular diapers. And that mod-mama high chair is adorable! Glad to read that you are well!

  3. Hey Sarah! I'm sure you've been researching all options, but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents. I use Gdiapers. They are okay. I have had the velcro off one tear off. The cloth inserts are not nearly big enough to absorb what it needs to. The disposable/compostable/flushable inserts are good if you have town sewer, which I am assuming you do. They do flush very easily. However, they leak at night, if you don't invest in diaper covers, little Lucy or Max will be wet from head to toe. Also, they don't hold in as much as you'd expect and you have to have as many gdiapers as you would regular cloth or disposables. The concept is awesome, but in real life, it didn't work out very well for us. I would, however, like to send you over to They have an amazing selection. I have had good experience with GroBaby one-size, Bumgenius one-size and Thirsties (with covers and different sizes). I think the Thirsties are my favorite right now...they have super cute covers! If you have any questions regarding cloth diapers, I've got 2 little ones who've worn them. I used disposables with the oldest. Oh! And if you do decide to go cloth and not g...Koopman's sells Charlies Soap by the gallon for about 20 bucks...much cheaper and more convenient than buying it online anywhere. :)

  4. Good luck with the dr. appointment tomorrow. Can't wait to hear what you learn. :)

  5. I've missed your outfits posts, but understand the life of a busy teacher.

    Yay for not wanting to use disposables. I cloth diaper my one year old. I have been happy with my bumGenius diapers. They are showing wear now that he's used them for a year. I did have some replaced under warranty before the year was up, because the velcro wore out. bumGenius are great for abysitters and reluctant dads, because they are so easy to use. Goodmamas are super fluffy and cute and are my second fav. My hubby doesn't care for these as much because of the snaps and having to put a cover on them. Though the goodmama One doesn't require a cover.


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