Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh, the sun is shining

It is so nice to finally be able to do a self-style shot outside. I am so sick of every photographable location in my house. One goal of doing over the basement is to have a dedicated area where I can do some portrait type pictures during the winter months. That and to have a play area for the baby! I am so happy to be able to write freely about that. Thanks to everyone that left such kind comments on my blog yesterday and today. You made me (and Damien) smile.

As I mentioned yesterday, we started new classes again. For the third time. I guess that's what happens with trimesters. Funny, my whole life right now revolves around trimesters. I am entering my 2nd trimester of pregnancy while entering my 3rd trimester of school. I have to say that I am a lot more excited about one of those than the other. So with new classes comes a lot of new stress. Learning who everyone is, remembering a new schedule, just a lot of changes overall. But I am staying positive about it and am excited for the months to come.

Damien and I have been doing so much thinking of baby related things. We have our girl's name picked out. Ready? Lucy. I just love it. We also love Mary Jane. And Alice (for our next one). I love classic names. For boys, we aren't 100% positive. We both like Simon. I love Charlie but Damien vetoed it. I have always loved the name James but one of my best friends has a son James. Hmmm, any baby boy name suggestions?

I have been loving my cropped skinny denim pants. I think they are very chic looking and I have been wearing them once a week. I had gotten this grey plaid jacket awhile back and had kind of forgotten about it. This red jacket I picked up at a vintage store in Worcester called Unique Boutique. I love the color and style of it. I think a pop of red in any outfit is always a good thing!

jacket- thrifted $20
grey plaid jacket- TJ Maxx $18
black ruffle shirt- Marshalls $12
skinny cropped denim pants- F21 $7
grey booties- Marshalls $20
key/heart/lock necklace- F21 $5


  1. I love your style (and the prices on those clothes!)

  2. After all that rain it's so nice to get outside. I hate doing indoor pictures as well.

    Great name choices! Did you find it difficult to pick out names because you didn't want to give the baby the name of a student you've had? I used to love certain names, but then students with those names ruined them for me.

  3. I love the grey plaid jacket! Lucy is a great choice!

    I am excited to see what you wear when you start showing!

  4. lol...on students ruining names in the comment above. so true! i am loving that little plaid jacket with the ruffles.

  5. Redoing your basement? So fun. Please post pics! I wish I had a dedicated place to get good pictures in my place. I'd love to see yours.

    And that cropped jacket is to die for. Love the subtle print.

  6. How about Jack for a boy's name? I think that Jack and Lucy would sound lovely together. :-)


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