Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hats make everyday a good hair day

So I have kind of been having a bad hair week. Or month. Not sure which yet but needless to say, it hasn't been good. I keep toying with changing it (color, cut) but haven't committed to a decision. So this week I have been wearing it up most days. And I find it boring and sometimes unflattering but also easy and comfortable. But, after fumbling through my closet, I found one of my favorite hats from this summer and realized that hats really do make any day a good hair day. If only I could wear them to work...

I found this sweater at F21 on my last shopping trip and fell in love. The color is one of my favorites and I love the print. Even though it had snowed yesterday, I wanted to wear it with my black pencil skirt. I paired it with my Steve Madden boots and was warm and comfy all day long.

Happy almost Friday!

black/white fedora- F21 $12
hot pink leopard print sweater- F21 $18
black button tee- Charlotte Russe $10
black pencil skirt- Wet Seal $20
black nylons- Walmart $4
black boots- Steve Madden $80


  1. I love your fedora... I also depend on hats and beanies during bad hair days. xoxo

  2. Your hat is so chic. Love the color of your top!

    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  3. I love it! Hats are genius on bad hair days for sure : ). Visiting from God's Favorite shoes today. Nice to meet you! : )

  4. Love the hat! Since I knit I have tons of hats, and wish I could wear them everyday (especially at work).

  5. Love the hat! And I really encourage you to experiment with your hair - I had regular bad hair days until I started experimenting with products and accessories and now I understand my hair so much better. Then again, your hat looks pretty damn fabulous. So carry on! :)

    And I love the pink leopard!

  6. cute! love how the bright animal print spices up basic black.

  7. I wish I could wear hats and look as cool as you do in them. This one is fantastic!

    Much love,

  8. I love the hat and the first picture of you smiling!


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