Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beautiful blogger award

So first off, I have to say thank you to Marta from me encanta mi ropa for giving me the beautiful blogger award. I really appreciate it and am honored that she chose me. The past couple of days have been so busy that I haven't even been able to get a self-style shot in. It stinks because I have really liked my outfits the past 2 days. Oh well. That just gives me an excuse to wear them again. So I am supposed to write seven things that I like to do. So here goes (bear with me, I am exhausted since I have developed a bad case of insomnia!)

1. I love to spend time with Damien. I know, that is very broad, but it's true. No matter what we do, I enjoy every moment we spend together.

2. I love having parties. Of any kind. I love hosting them, I love planning them, I love attending them. Theme parties are my favorite (especially themed Halloween parties!) Damien and I are always thinking of fun ways to have parties and we love to plan every detail together.

3. I love hanging out with my family and friends. Another broad category, but hey, I need to be honest. I have wonderful friends and family and enjoy their company.

4. I love blogging. My new favorite pastime.

5. I love going to the gym. I am serious. It has become such a part of my life and I feel so healthy and energized from it. I am also learning to love running again. I was once a great runner (in high school) and I am trying to find that passion again.

6. I love eating healthy. I have been vegetarian for awhile now and my new vegan diet has opened a whole new door for me. I have been discovering more foods and cooking more. This also contributes to my feeling healthy and energized.

7. I love being creative. Whether it is taking pictures, making arts and crafts or just coming up with different outfits, I love that creative rush. I love decorating my house (modern all the way!) and carrying my creativity over to what I wear everyday (hence loving blogging).

and one more for good luck- 8. I love giving back to my community. I think that is why I enjoy teaching and advising student council so much. I really do feel like I make a difference in some people's lives and I really love that feeling.

So I am supposed to name 7 other bloggers but I am going to save that for another night. I have to (attempt) to go to sleep now. I am hoping to get a self-style pic in tomorrow.

Good night!!!


  1. Congratulations on the award! I love learning even more about you- these are some wonderful facts! :D

  2. lovely to hear more about you!
    congrats on the award! well deserved :)++

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the insomnia! Congrats on the award, chica!

  4. Loved reading this! And I wish I loved going to the gym but I don't. Even though I go. I don't think I will ever love it :( What's your secret?


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