Thursday, December 31, 2009

New years eve

So I am about to walk out the door, headed to dinner with Damien and some wonderful friends and then back here with some more wonderful friends. I am excited for the new year and have done a lot of thinking regarding resolutions. I do not usually make resolutions, especially not at new years but this year I have been pretty good at sticking to things that I have decided to do. I have been sticking to my gym routine, which in the last few months has included running which was one of my summer goals. I have been working on my diet, not as in on-a-diet but as in a way of eating. A lifestyle. Damien bought me the book The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone and I have been reading it the past few days. I have toyed with going vegan for some time now and it is an ultimate goal of mine. But it is one that I know will take time. This book has reinforced to me that I want to lead a completely animal-free diet. I made our first conscious vegan meal last night and today I made vegan peanut butter cups from scratch. I know that get-togethers and parties can be the hardest time to stick to a new eating plan so I wanted to make an alternative for Damien and I. I am not saying that being vegan is a resolution for me; I am interested in exploring it and seeing how I can live a plant-based diet. I want to drastically cut down on eating animals by-products and go from there. Giving up meat was honestly so easy for me but I know that this next step will be a harder one. This is a step for me on a very long path and I am excited that Damien is taking it with me. I want to cook more, be more creative in what we eat.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening. I have said this before but honestly, blogging has become one of my most favorite pastimes. This year has brought a lot of good into my life and I am very thankful for that. I wish everyone a happy 2010 and if you have resolutions, good luck!

dress- Marshalls $20
pin- remixed off old shirt
grey faux leather motorcycle jacket- Marshalls $30
black pattern tights- gift from Damien
grey booties- Marshalls $20
yellow gloves- gift from mom
bracelets- gift from Damien


  1. Great dress! I love that the jacket, gloves, and the flower spice up the outfit!

    Good luck with veganism! It would be way too hard for me. I love meat too much! but I do want to incorporate more plants in my diet too.

  2. Being vegan is way easier than it sounds. I promise. Check out or is also good.

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, I hope 2010 is wonderful to you xxx

  4. Happy New Year! Obviously I agree with Eric that being vegan is easier than it sounds. It's actually fun for us to discover new recipes and ways of doing things. If you want any boosting on the ethical end of things check out the book Diet for a New America by John Robbins. We have also heard that Jonathan Safran Foer's new book Eating Animals is good. My best advice: treat it like a fun adventure where you make personal, health, ethical, and environmental gains, rather than "losing out on" or sacrificing something you like!

  5. Thanks guys. I am excited about it and already feel that cooking will become more of a joy for me as I explore new things. I will check out those books and I just did check out those website. Thanks again!

  6. The dress is gorgeous, and I love the flower!

    I wish you the best of luck with your exploration of veganism. I was a vegan for about six months in 2005-2006, but then I found out that I was moving to Spain for about two years. Since even just vegetarianism is difficult to maintain there, as many of the cultural activities of Spain revolve around eating pork products or seafood, I began to reincorporate some animal products back into my diet.

  7. I went vegan for several months exactly two years ago. And to be honest, it was hard. So hard that I had to stop. But I have NEVER felt better! I slept better. My skin looked healthier. I had way more energy. Since then it has been a life goal to go vegan again, definitively. Good luck to the both of us! :) Happy New Year!

  8. Hi Sarah, lovely recap! I posted the first item from the Maurice's gift card purchase on my blog today and linked back to you. I love it! I hope you check it out...



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