Sunday, December 13, 2009

Friday's outfit

This is going to be a quick post because I will be posting later on to fill you in on all the details (and pictures) from yesterday's Boston blogger meet-up on Newbury Street. But, I wanted to get up my pics from Friday as I did do my self-style shots but never posted them. I am not really sure if I will get away with wearing these jeans again to school. I got many compliments on them from the students but I don't know if the administration was as fond of them. I did wear my purple knit tights under them (because it was so so cold). It was also a half-day of school so I only taught 2 classes. I have worn this sweater a bunch since it is so warm and it fits me well. I love adding a flower pin when I can too!

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blue faux leather jacket- Wet Seal $30
pink/grey plaid scarf- F21
grey cable knit sweater- Into the Wardrobe (thrifted) $16
black/grey animal print top- H&M $20
distressed skinny jeans- Wet Seal $24
grey boots- F21
black gloves- Target $16
pink flower pin- remixed off old sweater


  1. I think this is a great look ... I really like the combination of distressed jeans with something more polished... the flower definitely adds to it.

  2. I'm loving those jeans on you (I need cool jeans like that!) but I especially love the idea of a flower pin on a basic sweater. What a great way to amp it up!

  3. i love the shredded jeans and jacket sooo much !

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  4. I like those shredded pants. My school would have been all over me if I wore them to work though. Usually on days when I know I am bordering on getting fired for dress code infractions, I stay close to my classroom! lol

  5. It's a great look, but if I taught high school, I'd probably relegate it to weekend wear just to be on the safe side. The flower adds a really sweet element to the ensemble.

  6. cool, i like the touch of animal print:)

  7. I love that look!!Me encanta la flor rosa!!


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