Thursday, December 10, 2009

Damien's birthday part one (or Damien's bounty)

So as I mentioned in yesterday's post, Damien turned 29, well, yesterday. And as I also mentioned, and many of you probably don't want to hear (read) me mention again is that I had a snow day and didn't have to go to work yesterday. But, it was a very productive day and I ended up pulling off a pretty good birthday surprise for Damien. It all started Tuesday when I was racking my brain as I had yet to purchase a single gift for him. I am sometimes a really good gift giver and other times, I either end up super uncreative or I have these really lofty ideas last minute which sometimes are just to impossible to pull off. Anyways, I had a few ideas for Damien and so I headed with a friend to Barnes and Noble. I knew I wanted to get him a new vegetarian cook book, an Indian cookbook, possibly a few Dwell magazines. All of these I found no problem and I also picked up a copy of Roald Dahl's The Fantastic Mr. Fox (a. because I love Roald Dahl and b. because we love Wes Anderson and can't wait to see the movie!), and 3 moleskine journals. Then it was off to Marshall's for a few more books, some nice coffee, and a stainless steel water bottle. I was feeling good about the gifts but wasn't sure how to present them. I am also not much of a wrapper as I find it to be wasteful (oh, my poor unborn children.) So I went to bed (somewhat)-satisfied.

Then the phone rang at 5:30am. No school today. That opened up a whole new realm of possibilities and I realized while at my mother's that a great gift and great way to present my gifts would be to surprise Damien by getting and decorating our Christmas tree. So the next 4 hours consisted of me getting the tree, in the middle of a snow/rain storm, getting my teenage neighbor to carry it in the house for me, electrocuting myself, running out for new lights (and compromising on colored lights just for him!) and putting on the final touches before he made it home. I had his gifts under the tree waiting for him (including all the Irish candy I could find at the local grocery store). I have to say, though, that he absolutely loved it and loved all of his gifts. We had a wonderful night, staying in and eating great vegetarian food and drinking the wine that we had made as gifts for our wedding. We ended up passing on watching a movie; nothing was grabbing our interest.

So here is our evening in photos. I am sure you will be able to tell which ones are his and which ones I took! I swear the ones he took of his gifts could be in a magazine.

I will have part two of Damien's birthday up tomorrow, including my self-style shots from today!

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  1. What a wonderful surprize! I can't believe you braved the crazy weather to get an xmas tree. Glad to hear he loved it, who wouldnt have?

    Ps. love your boots. I have similar ones in black!

  2. Happy birthday Damien... are those your gifts? He likes Cadbury I noticed. And you gave him cookbooks too?

    Love your Christmas tree!

  3. omg, i love indian food and must get my hands on that cookbook. i made pretty decent chicken tikka masala about a month ago from a good housekeeping mag. it was good! again, happy bday damien. you two look so cute and cozy by the tree in your scarves:)

  4. this was such a lovely post! You are so good to him. sounds like it turned out really well, despite it being last minute. lucky girl, with getting a day off for snow. those used to be my favorite, seriously can't beat a snow day. and I'm impressed you ventured out into said snow to get that tree! such a great idea as opposed to wrapping, and the way you laid everything out looked perfect. your christmas tree looks adorable, and I love your story about how you were able to get it there! :) the decorations are so pretty. and I adore that you got him a Roald Dahl book. so fantastic. can I just say the the BFG and witches were two of my favorite books growing up? well, sounds like you had a blast with the food and wine, and looked great while doing it!


  5. Awww what a lucky guy Damien is! You did a great job with his gifts (and I love your outfit) and the xmas tree surprise :) congrats!


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