Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fun with leggings

Sorry about the lack of self-style posts lately. My goal of doing one everyday is seeming really lofty to me right now but I will try and do my best. It is getting harder and harder to get good shots outside, since it is generally dark by the time I get home. And the pics just aren't the same inside. I need to figure out a good indoor place to get some shots. Anyone have any suggestions?

So this was another busy week. In fact, I can't believe it's already Friday tomorrow. And I can't believe how cold it is out right now. We are headed to another night football game tomorrow night and it is going to be freezing!!! And our field hockey team won their first district game yesterday and they play tomorrow too so it will be a fun filled day of high school sports!!!

I am posting Tuesday and Wednesday's outfits. I found this zebra print tank top at Marshalls and just fell in love with it! All of the items from today's outfit are old. This is why I never get rid of anything....

Tuesday's outfit
black flower headband- F21 $5
black flower necklace- F21 $5
black shrug- F21- $12
zebra print top- Marshalls $12
denim skirt- Marshalls $15
black leggings- F21 $5
black merrill boots- Marshalls $100

today's outfit
brown coat- Old Navy $60
purple shirt dress- ?
brown leggings- F21 $5
brown fringe boots- Target


  1. your denim skirt is wayyyyy cute!
    i find a good indoor spot is just somewhere that has a solid background and good lighting...i don't have one of those right now and it's annoying.

  2. I love both outfits. The dress fits you to perfection but that little skirt is so flirty and cute!

    I like pictures in stairwells. You can get some pretty cool angles that flatter you and the clothes. But I'm having the same problem. It's getting impossible to take good pictures outside.

  3. Love that second outfit...what a sexay top!

  4. Both these outfits are SO cute!! I never thought I would like leggings as much as I do, but you really can do so much with them.

    I am having the same problem with my pictures too. This is another reason I don't like winter. LOL


  5. wow, super cute looks. love that coat! also love your touch of animal print.

  6. I am beyond in love with that second outfit. Its ridiculously cute on you! so flattering, bringing out your tiny waist! such a cute top, and I love that the little skirt has pockets. super chic. great the way that you put it all together!


  7. I love the leaves here! Such stunning colors.


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