Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Flash mishap (no pun intended)

So you will probably be able to tell from my poses in today's self-style shots that I was having an issue with the flash on the camera and my not-so-not-so-see-through-black-top. This was actually yesterday's outfit and by the time I did the pics, at about 10:30pm, I was too tired to try and amend the situation, so I went to bed. I assure you (and myself) that this mishap was only due to the flash on the camera and not possible with the naked eye...(since this is part of my Monday-Thursday wardrobe!). Anyways, yesterday and today have both been busy as always. Yesterday I was at work til 6:00pm, had dinner with my mom and then attended a town meeting in support of one of my best friends who was trying to get a bylaw in town changed. It was also his birthday (Happy Birthday Aaron!) so it was nice to see him. Of course, he was number 24 on the warrant and so we sat there from 7 til 10, listening to the mundane (and often ridiculous) town politics. I got a TON of correcting done though, so that was nice. We left the meeting slightly before 10:30 and it was hard to believe that it was still going strong. Me, not so much.

Today I was at school until after 5 but was able to make it to the gym. I am heading to bed as soon as I finish my post. My body is still recovering from the race on Sunday. It was my first race in over 12 years! That is crazy. It was fun and I will definitely be doing more.

That is all for tonight. Have a great day tomorrow! Oh, and thanks to Cassandra over at Into the Wardrobe, it was so nice to get an email from you!!!! Anyone who lives in the MA or RI area should really check out her store and buy lots of great stuff, just not the stuff that I want!

black v-neck sweater- Banana Republic (Into the Wardrobe) $10
light blue dress pants- Lux (thrifted) $12
black shoes-Target
thick brown belt- F21
brown headband-?


  1. This are bussy days!!I miss the summertime when writting in the blog was the hardest thing to do!!
    I love your look, simple but stylish. And I like how your hair look in this way.

  2. "mishap" still doesn't look right! haha.

  3. i always feel bad when i see an actress on the red carpet fall victim to the flash. this isn't bad though:)


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