Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Home sweet home

Today was one of those days when I left my house at 7:00am and didn't get back home until 8:30pm (ok, I stopped in at 5:30 for literally 5 minutes and it doesn't really count because technically I was in the backyard doing my self-style shots). And I couldn't be happier to be home, sitting on the couch with Damien. Unfortunately it is past my bedtime so this happiness will be short lived. Although being in my bed makes me pretty happy too!

I had an advisors' meeting after school, followed by 2 hours of grading and entering grades since they are due for progress reports, followed by self-style shots, followed by my visit to my grammy (she is still with us!), followed by a student council meeting which consisted of 80 students (which I have to add is about 1/5 of the school!). This is a really busy time of year and we are trying to plan so much. We have 2 conferences coming up, Homecoming next weekend, the corn maze trip, trick or treating for canned goods (to benefit the local food pantry) and a whole other mess of activities! But again, that is why I do it. I love to volunteer.

Today's outfit reflected my mood. I was tired today and wanted a comfy, cute look. I think the flower helped achieve just that!

faux dark brown leather jacket- F21 $30
green cardigan- Target $10ish (clearance)
white tank- Walmart $5
pink flower- remixed from an old shirt
brown corduroys- H&M $10 (clearance)
pink/green shoes- Target $10 (clearance)


  1. As a self-proclaimed cardigan connoisseur, that looks like a great cardigan!!

  2. Thanks Erin. I would have to agree with you!!!

  3. i love that cardigan! especially with the flower girl!

    xo ash

  4. I love the rich fall colors of this look!

  5. you are so busy:) glad you are able to visit your gram though. love the touch of the flower. so cute.

  6. ok that sweater is beautiful, and the shoes equal adorable! I love all of the pretty colors that you have been wearing lately. So sweet looking and autumn weather ready! The touch of the pink flower against the green is perfection. I know you are busy, so be sure to take a breath once in a while!!



  7. I quite like the color combo and especially the chunky knit cardigan. Definitely achieved what you wanted!


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