Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weardrobe sessions

I was telling a friend today at work that everyday feels like I am running a race. I am so exhausted by the time the bell rings and it is only 1:35 in the afternoon! Granted I don't leave for at least another hour and a half, sometimes 2, but, boy am I wiped. Today was no exception. Somehow I still find the energy to go to the gym, which I really do enjoy, and then my 3 1/2 mile walk with my friend Lauren. It is nice to spend that time exercising and decompressing after the whirlwinds that our days have been. Damien's sister Kira is also home from the military so we had her, her daughter Jayde, Dame's parents, his brother and his wife and my mom over for dinner. It was nice to see everyone, especially Kira. I miss having her around...

For school today, I remixed the H&M dress that I posted about this summer and was able to find a way to make it school appropriate. I had gotten it for $10 on clearance and though it is a bit short, with the grey leggings that I got a Charlotte Russe, I think it works. I decided to wear it with these awesome grey boots from F21 that I got a few seasons ago. I love them, the detail on them, and the slight heel that they have. I wore my hair in a really high ponytail today which made me feel kind of like I was either 15 or from the 50s. Either way, it was a fun change.


  1. i hit the after lunch wall at 1:30 or so. i feel your pain. you look so good in blues and i love the high pony:)

  2. I have been wearing a lot of blue lately, huh? Thanks, D- I love that I can read your comments all the time. It keeps me motivated:)

  3. I absolutely love this dress on you - it's great for your shape!

  4. Thanks Christen. It runs oddly small but I love the way it fits!


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