Monday, September 14, 2009

Music I love (Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Gold Lion)

I've decided that I want to start sharing music that I love on my blog. I am thinking weekly, but we'll see how it goes. You know, sometimes you get home from work and the thought of doing a daily style photo is dreadful (c'mon, we've all had those days, right?) So instead, or in some cases, in addition, I will be posting a song from a band that I really enjoy. There is so much good music out there that many people never expose themselves to. Either it isn't on the radio or it is in a genre that you've never tried before. Either way, many people tend to miss out on a lot of great music. Luckily, Damien and I have the same (great!) taste in music and we spent most of our first year dating going to shows. We still try to see a show here and there, but tend to depend on our ipod a bit more now for our listening pleasure.

The first post for Music I love is for the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This band will blow your mind. They are that good. I love everything about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, especially Karen O. She rocks. The song I chose is Gold Lion, from the album Show Your Bones. This song may actually have been on the radio for sometime (I know their song Maps was), but in case you didn't catch it then, here it is for you to enjoy. I hope you do.


  1. Thanks for your comments...glad you enjoyed my cake/desserts post! I love that blue F21 shawl from your Saturday post....very cute! I had to leave a comment here because I saw your Yeah Yeah Yeah's entry and I've got tickets to their show this Thursday! Woo! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. i loooove the YYY's. karen oh is one of my my girl crushes. haha

  3. @stylefyles0- thanks. I am so so jealous. Have fun!

    @Nina- I know what you mean!

  4. Karen O is so amazing, I love her style!


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