Thursday, January 1, 2015

Xmas 2014

My absolute favorite part of the holidays is spending time with my family.  This year, there was plenty of that.  We hosted Christmas eve at our house and then woke up there on Christmas day to open gifts with Max.  This year, all he asked for was a go by itself fire truck with a remote control that has a ladder that goes up and down and a new tricycle.  We ended up getting him a few more things but all in all, kept it simple.  I got Damien his tattoo and he got me a banjo.  From there, we went to my mom's to do gifts with my brothers, their girlfriends, my mom and of course, baby Orrin. The rest of the day was spent eating, relaxing and hanging out.  Our holiday cards never made it out but I may still print them and send them.  Happy holidays to all...

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