Sunday, August 24, 2014

The final day of summer

I know, I know, summer doesn't end until mid-September but for as long as I can remember, summer has ended with the start of the school year.  And the school year starts tomorrow.  So today was all about savoring those last few hours of carefree days and stress-free nights that are met with more carefree days.  And that's just what we did.

Last week Max asked if we could have a lemonade stand at his friend Zooey's house.  They just moved down the street from us and we have been spending (and eating) a lot of time there.  We spent the early afternoon making posters (or truth be told, Damien and I made them and turned them into a bit of a competition) and then we walked down the street to set up our first lemonade stand.  The kids mixed the lemonade and then paraded around the front porch, eagerly trying to get some customers.  Unfortunately, not many people came by but they each made $1.75.  More importantly, we spent today as a family, with our dear friends who are like family, enjoying the last few hours of our summer, together.  A summer that none of us will soon forget.

(I am working on the last part of the cross-country trip photos and should have them up this week... )

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