Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cross country trip- part 9

Once we had decided that Arches National Park was not going to happen, we had to make a pretty quick decision about where to head next.  We knew that wherever we went had to bring us within a one day drive to the Rocky Mountains.  I always had a desire to go to Santa Fe, NM.  Or just to New Mexico in general.  For as long as I can remember, the southwest has appealed to me and since we loved Arizona so much we figured we would probably love New Mexico too.  And boy were we right.  We only spent three hours or so in Santa Fe but we adored it.  The architecture.  The art.  The crafts.  All of it.  We ended up doing most of our Christmas shopping there before heading out.  We would love to return there someday.

We then headed into the Rocky Mountains from the west.  We knew we wanted to be in Denver sometime the next day to meet up with an old friend but we wanted to take our time getting there, exploring the mountains and the National Park.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Good thing we have Vermont close by to us because otherwise we may have to make a move halfway across the country just to be close to the mountains.

Santa Fe, NM

Colorado driving

 Hotel in Silverthorne, CO

driving to Rocky Mountain National Park

 innovative tv watching
 Rocky Mountain National Park

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