Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cross country road trip- part 6

California.  The very first thing we did when we got to Ventura was walk down to look at the Pacific. Max ended up not feeling well that night so we stayed in and went to bed early.  The next day was spent with Uncle Joey, at the Santa Barbara Zoo.  What a beautiful place.  We saw some amazing animals, slid down a hill on cardboard boxes and road a train.  What else could you ask for? We have been teaching Max about evolution so the All in the Family pic is perfect, especially the face Max is making.

Joe got us a hotel right on the beach for our second night.  The view was awesome, both day and night.  Max went to bed and Damien, Joe and I sat out on the balcony, catching up and enjoying the cool California night.  The next morning we all sat down at the beach.   Max played at the ocean's edge, laughing and running away as the waves chased him.  It was the perfect halfway point, preparing us for the long drive back east.

We left California on Monday morning and started our way to the Grand Canyon.  Some minor car trouble later, we ended up  staying in a hotel on Route 66.  These pictures captured it perfectly.

We have been taking many pictures from the car as well, while driving, and a little series is being born from them.  These are a few of my favorites.

The Pacific

The Santa Barbara Zoo

The Crowne Plaza

out and about

at the beach


and Mickey

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