Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cross country road trip- part 4

Who knew Arizona was so beautiful?  It certainly helps that our friends have a rad house overlooking the city and that they love to go out and do awesome things.  And that's just what we did.  We met them outside of Willcox, AZ (after a pretty sketchy hotel room in Fort Stockton, TX) in Chiricahua National Monument and we all camped there.  We got to see an amazing sun set and catch up with old friends.

From there we headed into Tucson and spent two nights at their home.  Max loved their kitties and we loved seeing Tucson and the area that they have called home for 7 years now.  We got to go to the Desert Museum and look at all of the animals and plants that are native to the area.  We also went to a bat bridge, and watched all of the bats fly off for the night when the sun went down.  Max loved going to the park and to the arcade.  So did the rest of us.

All in all, Tucson was a success.  Thanks Eric and Erin for being such awesome hosts.  Can't wait to see you back in MA.

Chiricahua National Monument

the house and yard

the bat bridge

The Desert Museum

out and about

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  1. within a few years all these pictures are going to be even more beautiful!!!!
    thanks for sharing pictures.
    im having a blast on your vacation as well! (all the way from my little cubicle in California!)



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