Monday, June 23, 2014

Orrin's ladder

There is nothing more special than seeing those that you love become parents.  It is even more special when that person is your brother, whom you have looked up to your entire life.  I am fortunate to have two amazing brothers, both beautifully talented men that I can truly call my friends.  Seeing my oldest brother become a father has been a joy beyond what I thought it could be.  

 A few nights before my brother and his girlfriend welcomed their first baby into this world, John wrote a poem he named Orrin's ladder.  Yesterday we held a small shower for them and as a gift, we put together a money tree in the form of an antique apple orchard ladder.  We filled O stamped sachets with hand cut cards and a generous amount of money to help out the new family.  The backyard was filled with people we love and as the afternoon turned into the evening, the love for that baby boy grew and grew and grew.   

Orrin, hopefully one day you can look back on these photos and see the love and happiness you have brought to your mother and father.  They have been waiting for you.  

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