Monday, May 13, 2013

Easy breezy

 I think that this is seriously one of my favorite looks.  There is nothing easier than a sundress with a button down over it.  Except that can look a little frumpy.  Enter the knot.  I can remember being a little girl and tying my shirts in a knot like my mom did.  Although she was way more stylish and a way better knot tier.  I always had so much trouble getting my shirts to stay tied.  Maybe it's because I was trying to tie t-shirts.  Or maybe my mom secretly didn't show me how to do it correctly because I looked so ridiculous.  Either way, I have become a master knot tier and do it on many an occasion.  Like today.  This is a look that I will rely on all summer long.  And soon enough, Max will be tying knots in his shirts too.  Oh, and probably wearing heals.

dress and shirt- Marshalls ( I think...)
shoes- Modcloth

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