Sunday, July 22, 2012

Discovering my closet

I have many dresses in my closet that just don't work as dresses for me.  I always like them in theory, but when I try and wear them as I bought them, I tend to put them back on the hanger, back in the closet, thinking that I made yet another silly purchase.  Much of the time it's because I am uncomfortable having so much of my, uh hem, chest exposed.  Enter layering.  I have recently started to add different tops over my dresses.  Button down blouses definitely work the best but even
t-shirts do the trick.  It's amazing how something so simple has made such a big difference in my wardrobe.

This morning while I was thinking about what to wear, I thought how nice this pink checkered shirt would look with a simple white skirt.  I don't currently own a white skirt but have a few white dresses that I ordered from Ruche and Modcloth shortly after Max was born.  I haven't worn either one this season and they have probably run their course as dresses for me, but both have a whole new life as
skirts just waiting to be discovered.

blouse- Ralph Lauren via Marshalls
dress- Those were the days dress from Ruche
hat- F21
shoes- Target

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