Monday, June 25, 2012

Not today

This is not what I am wearing today.  Today it is cold, raining and rather depressing.  I did wear this on Thursday, back when it was hot, humid and, well, rather depressing.  Each winter I tell myself I will not complain about the heat.  I will enjoy it and savor it because it doesn't last forever.  Sometime around mid-July, I am wishing it away.  Maybe it was the lack of winter this year, but I have already been cursing the heat.  And today I am cold.

I found this dress at Target and was drawn to the two different patterns.  I like that it doesn't look like one piece but it fits like one piece.  I don't have to worry about tucking things in and such.  It is easy and comfortable, two musts in the heat of summer. 

dress- Target
sandals- F21
pocketbook- my mom's (vintage)


  1. I would seriously never know that this is one piece, it is a really really great dress ... you look great!

  2. I would never look at that dress on the rack and say, "that's amazing!"
    It looks really amazing on you, Sarah. You've definitely got an ability to look further than what something looks like on the hanger. :)


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