Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nothing that you haven't seen before

I wore this sweater in my last post too.  I tend to do that.  I buy something and then wear it non-stop until I either have to wash it or I can't bear to see myself in it anymore.  I had a completely different look picked out when I bought this dress at Francesca's Collections last weekend.  It included bare legs (well, maybe some nude nylons, let's be honest), a red belt and some red flats.  The perfect spring look.  Except all of a sudden, it's not 80 degrees anymore.  It was more like 40 today.  So I turned it into the perfect fall look, complete with my rust-colored cardigan again.  I can't wait to wear it again, as originally planned.

In other news, today was the launch of a new site from the xo group (the folks behind TheKnot, TheNest and TheBump) on beauty and style, and I am featured.  You can find my feature here.

and yes, that is my slip.

dress with belt- Francesca's Collections
cardigan- F21
tights- Walmart
shoes- Target (I think)

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