Sunday, November 27, 2011


The craziness of the Thanksgiving holiday has settled and as I get ready for another crazy week ahead of me (final exams and new classes starting) I want to take this time to catch my blog up with all that has been happening with Max these past few months.  And a lot has happened....

Max is walking.  He is quite fast now too.  He does still prefer to crawl a lot but he can walk all over the house now.  He is especially fond of stairs.  Going up and going down.  We need to do some serious baby proofing in that department.  

Max is talking.  He has 12 words or so (hi, bye, mommy, daddy, doggie, kitty, Aubrey, uh-oh, shoe, thank you, bubba, aunty).  Doggie is the word he uses for every animal.  Aubrey is every child and bubba is any food or drink.  So it is still a guessing game but it is so fun to listen to him talking.  He seriously says thank you so clearly and with such intention that it is hard not to crack up laughing every time he says it.  He also says baa and moo for his sheep and cow sounds and when you ask him what sound a car makes, he makes an engine sound.

Max is an awesome eater.  I hold my breath on this one because I know it can and most likely will change, but for now, it is wonderful.  He eats just about everything we put in front of him and we only put healthy things in front of him so I know he is being well nourished.   He still likes to have a bottle of milk in the morning and evening but uses a straw-sippy cup for milk and water throughout the day.  We probably could cut out the bottle but we still enjoy that time together. 

Max has 6 teeth.  He had his bottom 2 for a long time and now 4 top ones have come through, all at once!  He definitely has a few more poking through now as well.  He's been a champ about it.

Max's favorite things are his books (he loves flipping through the pages), his blocks, his cars and chasing after the kitties. He likes playing with his Fisher Price radio and record player and will hold any phone (fake or not) up to his ear and say hi, hi, hi.  He also loves this bowl that we have that is made out of a record.  He will push that thing all over the house.  

Max is a complete mama's boy.  Poor Dame!  Believe me, when it comes to Max, everything is 50/50 with us.  We both feed him, change him, bathe him, play with him, read to him, put him to bed, wake up with him.  That still doesn't change the fact that he is a complete and total mama's boy.  

Max throws temper tantrums.  Full on, on the floor, head back temper tantrums.  They are generally quick and usually predictable but they are a clear sign that my baby is now a toddler and he gets mad!

Max is a happy little guy.  And that makes us the happiest we could possibly be.  

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