Sunday, April 17, 2011

I have been getting dressed everyday.  I swear.  It's just been awhile since we took photos of my outfits.  Today seemed like the perfect day to get some outdoor shots, and just as we headed off to do so, these clouds came rolling in.  We did manage to snap a few before the rain started.  I have been wearing mostly dresses lately because honestly, they are what seem to fit me best right now.  I have kind of stayed away from jeans, which isn't normal for me.  I rediscovered these in my closet and was pleasantly surprised to have them fit me and be comfortable.  My body is still not back to the pre-baby shape or size but I can't seem to fit going to the gym into my schedule.  Now with the nice weather hopefully here to stay, I think it will be easier to do so.  We were looking through some old photo albums last night and I found a picture of me with this shrug sweater on from a few years ago.  I had kind of forgotten about it and went digging in my closet.  I think it goes well with the grey tshirt and jeans, the perfect laid back Sunday look.

fedora- Damien's
shrug- old ?
grey tshirt- F21
jeans- old?
oxfords- Berks

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