Sunday, March 6, 2011

Don't think twice it's alright

I wore this shirt in some variation all weekend.  Friday night it was out with some friends for some much needed end of the week drinks.  Saturday it was to a baby shower.  Today it was out for our weekly trip for coffee, shopping and pictures.  Today was probably the worst day to do pictures since it was raining but it was the only chance we had to snap some shots of this shirt before I retire it for a bit.

I found these pants at J Crew on sale a few months ago.  Originally, they are $198 I believe.  I got them for $40.   They are so nice, made out of wool with these cool zippers at the top.  I really like the length and have been looking forward to wearing them before it gets too hot for wool.  The black and white is pretty simple but overall, I like the look.

lace top- F21
white tank- (nursing tank!)
black pants- JCrew
black and white shoes- old?


  1. That first picture is utterly fabulous - seriously worthy of framing! And I totally understand why you'd want to wear that top constantly. I recently bought a black lack blouse similar to yours and I wore it with everything for weeks! Speaking of, it's about time I brought it back into rotation!

  2. love your outfit

    im now your follower
    will you follow me back please ?:)


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