Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

What a beautiful first day of 2011.  It was 57 degrees out today and Damien, Max and I took full advantage of it.  Well, Damien and I mostly.  After a low-key and early New Year's Eve, which consisted of a visit from my best friend who now lives in Austin, my mom, Damien, Max and me, some chinese food and a whole lot of, we were itching to get out and do something today.  We decided to head out early and get some coffee at Starbucks and that led us to a photoshoot.  I haven't posted an outfit in weeks and I always love when Damien does my pictures so it seemed like a perfect Saturday afternoon activity.  I had bought these boots and blazer the other night at Berk's in Providence, where I also bought these shoes last year, and when my I picked Lizzie up, she told me that she was giving me these fingerless gloves which I have had my eye on since she showed me them a few weeks ago.  She knitted them and they are wonderful.  I knew I wanted to wear these new boots with something ultra-feminine and this dress from Modcloth fit the bill.  I am sure I will be getting plenty of wear out of them this winter.

One thing that I have to say about New Year's Eve is that once you resign yourself to staying in and doing nothing, the night gets a whole lot more fun.  We have had some wonderful NYE over the past 8 years together.  We have had dinner with friends, hosted parties, gone to parties, and even had a horse-drawn carriage ride through Dublin, Ireland.  I must say though,  a night in with our new baby by far tops them all.  I think a lot of people would equate it with getting older.  I equate it with being happier.

aviator sunglasses- Heritage 1981
wool blazer- Tulle via Berk's
Hydrangea dress- Modcloth
brown belt- thrifted
grey tights- Walmart
grey striped fingerless gloves- hand knitted by friend
brown trooper boots- Steve Madden via Berk's


  1. You are working these pictures today!
    I'm glad you had a great New Year's. I think low-key with family and friends is the best way to do it!

    The Auspicious Life

  2. I agree. Staying in during NYE isn't a sign of getting's a sign of being smarter.

  3. Great outfit! I especially love the rustic/urban backdrop. :)

  4. Great backdrop/outfit! And I love the jumping pic!

    Amber Lena (fashion outfits from $10!)


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