Friday, October 15, 2010

Max's style 10.15.10

So I am going to start featuring Max's daily style, but only in weekly form for now.  Quite honestly, I think it is all that he (and I) can handle right now.  I am thinking I will post them on Fridays, although I guess I can take the pictures any day of the week.

I have mainly been dressing him in onesies for a few reasons.  Up until recently, it was all that he fit into and they are just so easy.  I did buy this outfit for him and although it is newborn sized, it is still big on him. But, he looks adorable in it and so far, it has stayed on him.  To be honest, he hasn't actually worn the shoes.  They are cute, but not that practical.  Generally he just wears socks if the onesies don't have feet.  But I thought for the photoshoot, the shoes were a nice touch.

When you have a little boy, you don't get to accessorize the way you do a little girl.  Enter hats.  We have many hats at this point, some that are still too big but are beautiful handmade gifts from people, and then a few that I keep making him wear.  Today's hat is one that a good friend gave us.  Max wasn't feeling it today, so I only got one good shot of him with it on.  He has worn it a few times, like here, and he looks oh so cute in it.

The rattle is handmade and I bought it at Worcester's StArt on the Street festival.  I bought it from the same vendor that I got this hat.  I love both things and he usually doesn't leave home without them.

Oh, and the quilt.  It was handmade by my mom, for Damien and me, as our wedding gift.  It is the Irish wedding chain pattern.  It is beautiful.

shirt/pants outfit- Dwell Studio for Target $12
surfer loafers- Target (shower gift)
bear hat- gift (thanks Jeanne!)

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  1. omg! he is beautiful! i need to see you guys sooooooooooon!


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