Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween 2010...(from Gogo to Gaga) just around the corner.  Man, I love this holiday.  Over the years, Damien and I have had some kick-ass Halloween parties, and great costumes to boot.  It started with probably our best ones yet, Margot and Ritchie Tenenbaum.  I will have to dig out some old photos from that one because we were spot-on.  The following year, we went at The Bride and Bill from Kill Bill.  That was followed by Mexican Day of the Dead skeletons (in which we had a full blown altar in our house), Beetle Juice and Lydia,  and then Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter.  The next year, we took it one step further and started renting a hall and the parties really took off.  We teamed up with some friends and started having themed parties.  The first one was dark fairy tales, and I was Little Red Riding Hood and Damien, the Big Bad Wolf.  Many people came dressed for the theme.  Last year was probably our best party yet, with our Circus theme.  We had clowns, tight-rope walkers, snake charmers, lion tamers, cotton candy, a bearded lady, and of course, a Ring Master.  We had a Big Top Tent, a cotton candy machine and a popcorn machine.  We had games, a band, and of course, the bar.

So it is that time of year again.  This year's theme is Studio 54.  The first part of my costume which I knew from the start is a huge, blonde afro.  I was thinking of wearing a gogo dress and Damien was leaning towards a Burt Reynolds-esque look, complete with mustache.  The afro is still a must but we have decided to go a different route.  I found a great Lady Gaga dress which is perfect for the whole glam realm of Studio 54 and Damien is now thinking Ziggy Stardust... Next stop, Salvation Army.

So if you live in my neck of the woods, come check out the party.  We'd love to have you.

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