Sunday, September 19, 2010

Max's second week (in photographs and words)

It is hard to believe that week 2 has already come to an end.  Although in some ways it does feel like a lifetime since Max joined our family, it is amazing how quickly the time has passed.  Damien has to go back to work on Wednesday and I am already into my third week of maternity leave.

Max's second week was very eventful.  We had an unscheduled visit to the pediatrician (his eyes were full of eye gunk that was yellowish green and he was put on some medicine) where we learned that he had gained 14 ounces in 6 days.  We were very happy to hear that, especially since the goal for newborns is an ounce a day and he had gained 2 ounces a day!  I was relieved since I had been a little anxious to know if our breast feeding sessions were successful or not.

On Tuesday, Max went on his first road trip to Vermont.  We went for a few days to visit our friends who had a baby back in June.  We went for 2 nights and we had a wonderful time.  It was relaxing and just nice to be around good friends who had just gone through the same thing we are now going through.  We ate, went for a nice walk around the shops in their area, played Bananagrams and just spent time with our babies.  I am happy that we were able to take Max on a trip so early on.  We know there will be many more of them to come.

On Friday, Max and I went for a brief visit to the high school where I work.  On Saturday, he attended his second high school football game (the team is now 2-0 so it looks like he'll have to be at all of the games now!)  We spent Saturday night at another friends' house, with their adorable 5 month old (and Max's wife to be).  Today, we spent a few hours in Worcester at the annual StArt on the Street Festival.  I picked up a great handmade rattle and hat for him, which will be in later posts.  We were home by 3 and then one of my best friends visited with her husband.  They are having a baby in January (!!!!!!!) I can't wait.

Tonight was wrapped up with a bath.  He had his first official bath in Vermont, after an unfortunate incident in which he peed all over himself (and Damien).  Tonight's bath was just the three of us, and honestly, it went pretty well.  A few tears early on, but once he was used to it, he seemed to (kind-of) enjoy it.

So here are some photos of the week.  I am slowly trying to get back into regular postings, with maybe even an outfit post here and there.  I will also be sharing Max's birth story this week, which by the way, wasn't supposed to be until this Tuesday.  I guess he just couldn't wait to be here.


  1. i love you and i love max!!! it was wonderful to see you guys and meet him! he is SUCH a love.he is one lucky boy to have you guys as parents! :) i cant wait for our babies to be friends!

  2. So glad to hear that you are both healthy and happy!

  3. Sarah,
    Max is absolutely adorable. I am Matt and Justin Valliere's sister in law. Damien photographed our wedding the day after Max was born. I am so sorry we took him away from you that day. Enjoy your precious bundle of joy. He's so precious.


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