Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Amy & Rusty wedding

Saturday night was our friends' wedding.  The ceremony was outdoors, it was beautiful and it was HOT.  I mean, really, really hot.  And humid.  It was a short ceremony and then the reception was indoors.  The entire night was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to have a good time.  The last 2 weddings that we have been invited to, Damien has been the photographer.  Let me just tell you, weddings are a little different when you are not drinking and you do not have a date!  But they are still fun, nonetheless.  This one was no exception and the best part was the photobooth that they had set up.  We just kept going in over and over again, each time trying to get as many people in there with us as possible.   We got to keep the pictures and one printed for them as well, which will be a blast for them to look through.  It certainly kept us entertained!

So this is the dress that I finally decided on.  I actually found it at Forever 21 and it fit!  I definitely had the baby bump going on but I thought it made more sense to accentuate it rather than to try and hide it.  I really loved the style of this dress and will surely be wearing it again, post pregnancy.  It felt a little Carrie Bradshaw to me with the big flower on the front but that was all the more reason to buy it.

black dress- F21 $32
pearls necklace and bracelet- gift from Damien
black flower ring- F21 $4
black heels- old $?

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